Motion is the constant and vital force, the pulse, blur, and breath, that sustains our reality as thinking, feeling, and acting entities. I delight in its necessity, abundance, potential, and beauty. I am intrigued by our ability to harness, shape, communicate with and learn from it. I believe in the powers of the physical and the insight that can be gleaned from physical investigation. My work as a dancer and choreographer is about offering and encouraging opportunities for the body to be considered. I believe that the practice of considering the body, considering its condition, its location, and its constant change can have a profound impact on the way we interact with and view our space, our resources, and each other. This consideration, this close examination of the way we are ... our actions, reactions, impulses, and habits ... is powerful and necessary.  

Sitting, racing, clinging, turning, falling, leaving, catching, waiting, shedding, shrinking, searching ...

Betty holds a BA in Dance from Sweet Briar College and an MFA from University of Maryland, College Park. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, where she creates and performs work.